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A Dictionary Of Ethnic Conflict

RRP $726.99

Containing approximately 500 entries, this detailed Dictionary gives authoritative and up-to-date information on ethnic groups involved in conflict. Entries are provided for current ethnic hotspots, irredentist claims, secessionist movements as well as major peace accords, with clear and concise definitions given for each specific conflict.

A country profile for each of the 191 UN member states is included, detailing the current ethnic make-up, as well as the history of ethnic relations in that country, with particular emphasis on periods of hostility or violence, attempts at conflict management and signings of peace agreements. Political parties, insurgency movements, international and national organizations are listed, with contact details and internet and e-mail addresses, where available.

Current concepts, theories and policies related to ethnic conflict are also covered in detail. Among those topics listed are: autonomy, ethnic identity, genocide, internal colonialism, macedonian syndrome, secession and velvet divorce.

Key Features:

  • includes both national and international disputes
  • fully cross-referenced for ease of use.

Trends In Inflammatory Bowel Disease Therapy 1999

RRP $44.99

This Trends in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Therapy Symposium was held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 27~29 August 1999. This is the seventh international symposium, sponsored by Axcan Pharma Canada Inc., since the first symposium in 1986. The Canadian Association of Gastroenterology has co-sponsored these symposia since 1990. Each symposium has been published, and reflects and updates the extensive research and education, and the understanding of the mechanisms and treatment of inflammatory bowel disease. From the beginning, Canadian and international experts have been involved, maintaining a consistently high quality, both in their presentations, during discussions, and the subsequent publication of their work. There have been major advances since the symposium held two years ago, and these are presented in this book. In keeping with modern educational practice, objectives are provided, and all presentations were subject to written independent evaluĀ­ ation. All participants are asked to declare any conflicts of interest. MOCOMP and educational credits are available.

The Influence Of The Stars

RRP $18.99

Of all subjects that have at any time engaged the attention of the world, there is none more ancient than astrology. In the East-where it first arose at a period of very remote antiquity-it still holds sway and in every part of the world (especially among the learned) it reigned supreme until the middle of the seventeenth century. That it not only ruled the daily actions of individuals but swayed the councils of princes, is shown by the records of every nation that has a history (and by none more fully than by that of England); yet the present generation seems never, until quite lately, to have cared to inquire on what basis this belief could have been for so many ages supported. During the past ten years, however-possibly from a reaction growing out of the realism by which we have been so long oppressed-a new interest in these old-world beliefs has sprung up and it is to satisfy that interest that this book (containing the results of many years' study) was written. Chiromancy and Physiognomy are both based on astrology and are, therefore, quite in place as the second and third parts of a work treating of the influence of the stars. Many of the modern writers on Chiromancy seem disposed to deny its affinity to astrology, with which it is, however, inseparably connected. Dr. Saunders, in the preface to his exhaustive work on Chiromancy and Physiognomy, published in 1671, and dedicated to his friend Lilly, the great astrologer, says: "For our more orderly proceeding with the body of this work, it is in the first place necessary to be observed that there are seven planets, named Stellae Errantes-wandering stars-which have each of them its separate character as they are used in astrologie; the which stars have great power over inferior bodies and do, each of them, govern some part or other of man's body and they especially have their material existence in the hand and without astrology Chiromancy could not subsist and be subservient to true wisdom." Now, why, in the face of this and many other equally forcible words among the old-world authorities, do the modern writers try to force their own crude theories upon us? To drag the time-honoured study of Chiromancy into the turmoil of nineteenth-century existence and-by robbing it of its mysticism-to strain it into unison with the realism of modern thought, strikes the earnest student with the same sense of incongruity as would the hanging of a carnival mask over the mystically calm features of an antique statue. Rosa Baughan.

The Business Model Canvas Playbook

RRP $16.99


This is not a fiction or non-fiction book. It is also not a workbook.

So what is it then?

This book consists of several worksheets. To be precise: 50 blank business model canvases. Since worksheet did not sound appealing enough, we chose "playbook".

A playbook contains a sports team's strategies and plays. Very similar to a business model of startups / companies.


Alexander Osterwalder's business model canvas presents a visual overview of the nine components of any business on one page. This page has nine boxes that depict the details of a company's product, customers, channels, demand creation, revenue models, partners, resources, activities and cost structure.


What exactly you do with it is up to you. I personally recommend you fill the canvases with your ideas, guesses, visions and strategies, than you experiment and test things in real life and change your business model along the way.

To do it the right way I highly recommend reading:

1. Business Model Generation by Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur. The inventors of the business model canvas. A must! Enough said.

2. The Lean Startup by Eric Ries. Successfully launch your startup and prevent failure.

3. The Startup Owner's Manual by Steven Blank & Bob Dorf:

As stated by Blank & Dorf, 2012 in The Startup Owner's Manual

"As a startup moves through the Customer Development process, it will use the business model canvas as a scorecard, by posting the hypotheses about each component of the model and then revising the hypotheses as the founders gather facts.
Think of your first version of the business model canvas as the starting point showing the hypotheses that must be confirmed in face-to face or online interaction with customers. ()
Using the business model canvas as a guide makes it easier to figure out where and how to pivot, since the team can visually diagram its alternatives and see what it needs to change.
Each time the founders iterate or pivot in response to customer feedback, they draw a new canvas showing changes. Over time, these multiple canvases form a "flip book" that shows the evolution of the business model." (Steven Blank & Bob Dorf, 2012)

Tags: business model canvas, business model canvas book, the lean startup, canvas book, startup owner's manual,business model canvas poster, business model canvas whiteboard

Anti-inflammatory Diet

RRP $16.99

The start of the road to health and happiness! Are you constantly having chronic inflammation? Do you know that a certain diet can improve your condition? Do you want to fix it and live life to the fullest? If you answered"yes"to any of the questions above then this book is for you! As we all know, our bodies goes through different stages of inflammation that act as a response to certain types of diseases. Inflammation helps our body react to harmful stimuli. However, when it is out of control, it becomes a threat to our body. Chronic inflammation is the culprit to many debilitating illnesses, and one of the best ways to address that is to start with our diet. Here's what you'll find inside: - The Basics of the Anti-Inflammatory Diet - Conditions That Can Be Treated by the Anti-Inflammatory Diet - Foods of the Anti-Inflammatory Diet - An Anti-Inflammatory Diet Plan - Common Challenges, Tips and Conclusion Anti Inflammatory Diet: From Chronic Disease to Healthy Living - A Simple Guidewill give you diet options that suit your needs. You can say goodbye to over-the-counter drugs and say hello to a healthy diet! So what are you waiting for?!"


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