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Refractional Influences In Astrometry And Geodesy

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E. Tengstrom G. Teleki The IAU symposium no 89, 'Refractional Influences in Astrometry and Geo- desy' , was held at the University of Uppsala, Sweden, during August 1 through August 5, 1978. It was a joint meeting of IAU and lAG, cosponsor- ed by lAG and IUGG. Considerable financial support was also given by the Swedish Natural Science Research Council, the Wallenberg Foundation in Stockholm and the University of Uppsala. The Scientific Organizing Committee included G. Teleki (chairman), W. Altenhoff (Bonn), P. Bender (Boulder), L. Hradilek (Prague), J.A. Hughes (Washington D.C.), J. Kakkuri (Helsinki), A.J. Nefedieva (Kazan), J. Saastamoinen (Ottawa), C. Sugawa (Mizusawa) and E. Tengstrom (Uppsala). The Local Organizing Committee included E. Tengstrom (chairman and con- venor), I. Ohlsson (adm. secretary and treasurer), P. Hodacs, S-G. Martensson, S. Eklund and M. O'Shaughnessy, all from Up~sala. This symposium was the first international meeting of astronomers and geodesists connected with refraction phenomena. The proceedings of this symposium contain all papers accepted by its Scientific Organizing Committee, and all discussions around them to- gether with all contributions during special workshops and round-table discussion programs.

Anti-inflammatory Diet

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Help Improve Your Health and Fight Diseases! Live Life To The Fullest! Don't let Inflammation strike! Inflammation is a silent killer where most killer diseases root from. Don't act when it's too late. Act now. Improve your lifestyle and diet with a healthy meal plan to prevent unwanted inflammation. In this book you get a sampler meal plan, recipes, and more. Here is a list of what you can gain. - An overview of the anti-inflammatory diet - Inflammation health information - Anti-Inflammatory dietary tips - Your 7 day anti-inflammatory meal plan - Anti-Inflammatory Recipes We made it simple for you and packed it in a book to help you start living a life free from radicals and diseases.

Social Influence Network Theory

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Social influence network theory presents a mathematical formalization of the social process of attitude changes that unfolds in a social network of interpersonal influences. This book brings the theory to bear on lines of research in the domain of small group dynamics concerned with changes of group members' positions on an issue, including the formation of consensus and of settled disagreement, via endogenous interpersonal influences, in which group members are responding to the displayed positions of the members of the group. Social influence network theory advances a dynamic social cognition mechanism, in which individuals are weighing and combining their own and others' positions on an issue in the revision of their own positions. The influence network construct of the theory is the social structure of the endogenous interpersonal influences that are involved in this mechanism. With this theory, the authors seek to lay the foundation for a better formal integration of classical and current lines of work on small groups in psychological and sociological social psychology.

Local Players In Global Games

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What happens when previously autonomous firms from different countries, each with their own identities, routines and capabilities, come together inside a single multinational corporation? Can a cooperative strategy be established that advances the development of the multinational as a whole, or do mutual misunderstandings and the unintended consequences of strategic interaction among the players' lead instead to endemic conflict and disintegration?
This book tackles these novel and important questions through an empirical study of the strategic constitution of an 'actually existing' multinational. It does so by tracing the historical construction of the multinational corporation from the confluence of multiple formerly independent firms and analyzing the interacting web of strategies pursued by different actors within it. The analysis reveals how workers, unionists, subsidiary managers, and corporate executives pursue separate strategic games rooted in their local contexts, whose global outcome contrasts sharply with idealized views of the multinational as an integrated and coordinated organization.
By comparing these findings to those of the broader literature, the book proceeds to a theoretical examination of the challenges of managing the multinational, and the difficulties of resolving them through conventional organizational means. The authors propose new procedural solutions aimed at fostering mutual recognition and knowledge exchange within the multinational corporation, and explore how a multinational public may be created to press for the necessary reforms in corporate governance. As the success of such reforms is far from preordained, the book concludes with a series of alternative scenarios that illustrate the many obstacles to a smooth continuation of the globalization process.
This is an important and original study of significance for researchers, academics, and advanced students of international business, business strategy, comparative management and organizational studies.

Conflict And Human Security In Africa 2011

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This edited volume looks at human security and conflict in northern Kenya and nearby areas within Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, and Uganda. It spells out the precise meaning and nuances of human security in today's global economy and examines the causes and effects of conflict in the region within the context of human security.


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