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Pediatric Orthopaedics And Sports Injuries

RRP $353.99

Developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the new second edition efficiently delivers targeted,trustworthy guidance for diagnosing and managing pediatric musculoskeletal problems.

Features 74 chapters cover pediatric orthopedic disorders and injuries; proven evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation approaches; practice-tested tips; and invaluable clinical pearls.

Topics include:
- Common sports injuries
- Fractures
- Trauma
- Limb disorders
- Spine disorders
- Musculoskeletal examination and evaluation
- Casting and splinting
- Imaging techniques
- Hip and pelvis disorders
- Infections
- Tumors
- Skeletal dysplasias
- Rehabilitation strategies

New and expanded chapters on:
- Sports-Related Concussions
- Autoimmune Connective Tissue Diseases
- Inherited Connective Tissue Diseases
- Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injuries

Each condition-focused chapter steps though every stage of patient care:
- Etiology/epidemiology
- Signs and symptoms
- Differential diagnosis
- How to make the diagnosis
- Treatment
- Rehabilitation
- Expected outcomes/prognosis
- Coding for proper payment
- When to refer

Ethics And College Sports

RRP $278.99

Ethics and College Sports is a careful analysis of the root problems in intercollegiate athletics in American universities. It examines the prevalent myths that are regularly used to justify the inclusion of intercollegiate athletics, and all of the abuses and scandals it has brought to university campuses, from a moral perspective. In this book, the myths that amateurism is morally desirable, that sports brings good moral character, and that the elite sports programs raise significant sums of money to support university budgets are dissected. The actual impact of the movement to provide gender equity in athletics programs on campus is discussed and a defensible justification for intercollegiate athletics is offered.

American Sports

RRP $272.99

This collection illustrates the expansiveness of an interdisciplinary approach to the study of sport. While rooted in anthropology, these essays consider American sports in their social, economic, cultural and political aspects, charting their evolution. The book draws from history, sociology, and political science; as well as considering the relationship between the developed and developing world; and culture and masculinity.

The first part of the book considers the local and global interplay of professional baseball, covering:

  • Major League Baseball's impact on the Dominican Republic
  • nationalism and baseball on the Mexican/US border
  • the globalizing forces of baseball as an industry.

The second part of the book is concerned with the cultural examination of the responsiveness of masculinity to social and cultural forces, examining:

  • the exaggerated world of bodybuilders in Southern California
  • the cross-cultural comparisons of male behaviour on a bi-national baseball team in Mexico
  • the historical examination of Jews in American sport.

This book was previously published as a special issue of Sport in Society

Diversity In American Higher Education

RRP $332.99

Diversity has been a focus of higher education policy, law, and scholarship for decades, continually expanding to include not only race, ethnicity and gender, but also socioeconomic status, sexual and political orientation, and more. However, existing collections still tend to focus on a narrow definition of diversity in education, or in relation to singular topics like access to higher education, financial aid, and affirmative action. By contrast, Diversity in American Higher Education captures in one volume the wide range of critical issues that comprise the current discourse on diversity on the college campus in its broadest sense.

This edited collection explores:

  • legal perspectives on diversity and affirmative action
  • higher education's relationship to the deeper roots of K-12 equity and access
  • policy, politics, and practice's effects on students, faculty, and staff.

Bringing together the leading experts on diversity in higher education scholarship, Diversity in American Higher Education redefines the agenda for diversity as we know it today.

A True Booksports And Entertainment (set Of 5)

RRP $336.99

Have you ever wondered how you could get better at your favorite sports? Find out what it takes to become a champion with this True Book series. Readers will learn how their favorite sports were invented and get to know some of the biggest superstars in history. They will also get familiar with the rules of the games and find out how to train for the big leagues.


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