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So You Call Yourself A Football Fan?

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So, you call yourself a football fan? Do you know the origins of football? Do you know what ancient civilization gave the game the term "hut" ? Do you know where the first official game of American football was played? Do you know which professional team wears a log on only one side of the helmet? Check out the answers to these and other questions in SO YOU CALL YOURSELF A FOOTBALL FAN! Do you have what it takes to be the championship MVP? Or will you be relegated to the bench?

American Commercial Banks In Corporate Finance

RRP $363.99

This book argues with facts and figures that a small group of New York banks, by means of term loans and working in close collaboration with their affiliated life insurance companies, exerted a strong influence over the supply of money and credit, and thus over the economy, throughout the years of the Depression. This study analyzes the growth of term loan under the depression, the concentration of the loans in a handful of powerful New York banks, the interplay between these banks and large life insurance companies in the capital market, and the resulting economic consequences. It also details the changes that took place in the leadership within the financial hierarchy during the depression: the J.D. Rockefeller interests replaced the Morgan-First National interests as the country's dominant financial power- a change that has escaped previous scholarly notice.
Originally used as a credit instrument to finance distressed corporations during the prolonged depression, term lending by commercial banks gained momentum in the mid-1930s and had, by 1940, accounted for 30-50% of the outstanding loans held by New York, and Chicago banks. Although a number of studies have attempted to explain the significance of term loans in corporate finance during this period, their treatment of the subject was relatively limited in scope due to absence of systematic data on loans provided by individual banks to their corporate borrowers. This study is the first to investigate all the loans reported by the borrowing corporations to the Securities Exchange Commission between 1935 and 1941 and also to make use of the abundant related materials that appear in a wide range of journals and public documents. Contrary to widely held belief, the banking reforms of the New Deal era failed to reduce Wall Street's influence over finance and industry.

Climate Change For Football Fans

RRP $13.99

Climate policy hits Turf Moor: follow Burnley's adventure in Europe and their roller-coaster struggle for survival in the Premiership while racing through an unconventional take on climate policy. This is a funny book, written in the earthy and irreverent language of the terraces. But it has a serious subtext - about climate change. It's a series of conversations between Joe, a Burnley lad who is football mad, and Professor Igor who's obsessed with climate change. Joe thinks that worrying about climate change is a waste of time. Igor can't understand why 22 grown men would put on shorts and run around after a ball. Igor agrees to spend a season with Joe going to every Burnley game, and in return Joe and his family listen to the Professor rattle on about climate policy. The book examines why preventing climate change is so difficult, and asks whether it is more a social and political problem than a technological one? Will we have to change our lifestyle? Would new legislation addressing climate change be so unpopular with the public that politicians will backtrack? How will industry be affected? Notes at the back of the book summarize all the serious climate-change material so the reader can look up the important messages in the book without having to stand on the terraces.


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